Saturday, 27 August 2011

Shineeeeee :) Top Coat Dilemma's....

One things thats become very apparent to me this week is: by god I need a new nail top coat (and also, I'm blogging at work, feel super naughty!)! Beside copious amounts of acetone (I reckon its about 10:1 ratio of nail varnish now in my old one, just what you want, yummmm!), I might as well be trying to scoop jelly onto my nails, always a good look and a way to earn friends! Hubba hubba!!!

So can anyone recommend any good top coats, I've heard manyyyyy good things about Seche Vite and I am seriously considering a pur-chase! Has anyone used this and what do you think? I'm looking for something shiny and fast drying, I'm so impatient!!

Ooooh and I'm SO excited to bring you my views on this little baby when mr.postman gets his backside into 2nd gear:
 I had such a hard time geting hold of this but as soon as I saw it, i NEEDED it, it wasn't an option! The colour is 'Fancy Fuschia' from Orly's Precious 2011 Spring Collection, I have a funny feeling we may be very, very good friends indeed, so hurry up postyman!

Much Love 

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  1. Fancy Fuschia looks amazing!!

    I use the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Top Coat - it's quite good, goes a bit gloopy after a while though. I think I need to try Seche Vite too! xx


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