Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish (not sure if i'm attracted- tragic joke).

Well, a little update an apology first *hides head in shame*....
Apologies for the lack in blogging (and for the horrific joke...), just gone into my third year of uni, crickey seriously scary stuff, what am I going to do with my life?! Which therefore meant a lack of internet in new house, bums. So, as I visit my boyfriend and he runs off to lectures, I'm stealing his internet, cunning! :)

Whilst I was browsing twitter I came across a tweet from a fellow blogger, Aimee (whose blog i adore) about Boots' range '17' and their new magnetized nail polish, after a little bit of research I realised we may soon have a new nail trend on our hands (perfect opportunity for another dreadful joke, worry not, i'll spare you all)... Bye bye Mr.Crackle and co! 

The Boots website claims:
'The polish contains very fine metal particles, when you have applied the polish and its still wet, hover the magnet (which is part of the cap) over your nail and watch the effect appear!
How to apply:
1. Apply 17 Magnetized Nail Polish and whilst still wet, hover the magnet (located on the cap) over your nail. Apply to one nail at a time.
2. Hold the magnet over the nail for approx 10 seconds and see the effect appear before your eyes!
3. Allow the nail polish to dry hard & apply a clear top coat for prolonged wear.'

The effects are lovely, search 'magnetic nail polish' on google images for a peek! I do remember seeing a version by Nails Inc a few months back now i think about it, yet this version is a mere snip of the Nails Inc price tag at £5.99 a bottle. I am ever more impressed by the 17 range of make-up, they always seem to step up every season and are super affordable! I hear in the great blogger world a BB cream is their next little no. excited stuff indeed!

The magnetic nail polish is available in these shades: 

...all of which are pretty dark *runs and hides*, poor poor beloved pastel shades! I'm guessing this is because of the effect not lending itself to lighter shades. I have to say the grey or the blue are probably my favourite, yet i'm still not overly enthused, having said this i'm 90% certain one will 'fall' in my basket on my next Boots trip...*sighhhh*

Much Love 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

My week in purch-ases :)

Hello there my lovelies, firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who's following me, it really does make me smileeee whenever I get a new follower, so thank youuu :) 
So, as ever here's the outcome of my shopping addiction from this week, but not before i apolgise for the birds nest perched on top of my forehead I was in a rush taking pictures so the poor mop had to suffer, sozza about that, praying no blackbirds mistake it for their home on my way to work....
Cardigan -£14.99- H&M  (suprisingly cosy, yummm :)
Strappy Top- £2.00- Primarni :)
Bird Necklace- £2.00- Primark (Last Year) 
Cross Necklace- Stolen from the boyfriend (he doesn't yet know...thankss :)

Double Buckle Belt (i love love love this!)- £2.00 i thinkkk- Primark

Alexander McQueen Scarf- £22.00- eBay (absolute bargain, poor postman's going to be terrified again....). I massively predict leather jackets to be HUGE this A/W, this will look gorgeous teamed with one and some boots, oooh, i'm excited already!

 Sleek True Colour Lipstick- £2.99? (I thinkkk!)- Peaches and Cream- Superdrug
I'm a nude lipstick kinda girl but decieded to pick this up from superdrug the other day, the colour is coral and its highly pigmented and smooth, it did dry my lips out a little though, so lashings of lipbalm required, they do lots of other colours though which I'm eager to try!

And check it out, no nail varnishes! Absolutly shocking (except for Seche Vite below, but lets shhhh about that ;))! Hope you enjoyy and beware Monsieur. Postiemannn!

Much Love 

Marry Me Seche Vite?

The need for a new top coat was far past ridiculous, soooo, on many good reviews I made a purchase of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, I'm actually in love. I think the postman now genuinely has an irrational fear of delivering post to our house after I almost wrestled him to the ground to grab the parcel off him, yeah, sorry about that Mr. Postman, I hate to warn him too that the process with only repeat itself when my Orly polish FINALLLYYYYY arrives, ooops!

(I apologise for my nails looking as if I've 
dug a 6ft hole with my hands, yummm)

The finish is amazing, its SO shiny, I'm so impatient when it comes to drying time too, which is one of the main reasons i love this, its touch dry within at least a minute, AMAZE! I'm so glad i made a purchase, i really do heart it, wedding invite anyone??

You can get your very own bottle from asos for £9.99 :)