Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Well, I fully realise I'm about 6months late for the crackle craze, and the ship has well and truly sailed and got back into port, but in my boredom tonight I whipped out half my nail varnish collection and applied it all to my nails it would appear! I can never decide if I really like crackle polishes, but hey ho knowing me I'll probably have changed it by tomorrow! So here's the damage: 

The pictures aren't too clear, my camera was charging so resorted to the trusty iPhone! Its definitely a busy affair! Still unsure if I like them to be honest, the gradient isn't as effective as I'd have hoped, my mums comment: 'they look like they're dirty at the ends' too kind mum!

Products used:
17 Lasting Fix- 'Chaperone'
La Femme- 'Colour 96' (I've had this well over ten years and its still perfect!)
BarryM- '293 Grey'
BarryM- 'Pink Crackle' (Its gone so gloopy its untrue, besides pouring vast amounts of acetone in, think it may have seen its best after a handful of uses! grrrr)
Rimmer Lasting Finish- '500 Disco Ball'

Just a quick one too show you all what happens when I'm left alone with a house full of nail varnish! I'll be updating later in the week upon my pur-chases, including the worlds cutest cardigan from H&M, yummm! Enjoy :) xx


  1. I love the Rimmel polish! It's one of my faves - so sparkly! xx

  2. I love it too, I can't help but apply more coats, you can never have too much glitter!! :) xx


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