Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Purc-hases from this week :)

Tuesday 9th August 2011

Every week (or possibly every two depending on how crazy I go!) I aim to give you an update on the items I've purchased within that week, where I got them from and how much they were etc,so here's a little low down of this weeks items :)...

i LOVE this! Whilst on a joyus food shopping trip in Tesco (Tesco i hear you cry? Oooh yes, you aren't going blind, Tesco indeed..) with my mum, I had a little browse of the clothing section (in between being rammed with a pram by a violent young mother, as nothing would stop her getting to the baby sale rail!) and came across this little beauty! I thought the print was just adorable & it would also look nice with tights and boots in winter, and to top things off it was reduced from £12 to £6, bargain. Can't wait to wear this when the weather decides to do something other than it is so i can :)

There was an awful moment last week when I realised almost every pair of leggings I own contained a hole in a very inappropriate place (seriously no idea how i manage it, I think i must lunge half my life without even realising...) and the other trousers I own are either blue, black or grey so I set off on a mission to buy some other coloured trousers, and these are the two numbers I came back with...

So they're both a hareem/paper bag style which I'm really liking at the minute. I love the colour of the ones on the left, burnt orange. They're both a cotton material and are really comfortable to wear. The burnt orange one's were £10 and the beige ones were £3 (bargainnn, they were the last ones and didn't have a price in them and when I got to the till they only charged me £3, no complaints!!), both from Primark, I also have the beige one's in navy, they're so easy to wear with little shoes and strappy top!

I also picked up this necklace whilst I was in Primark:
I seem to have a thing for jewelry with birds on, i though this was really cute and was reduced to £1, perfect :)

The last Primark purchase for this week was an oversized  knit cardigan. I always struggle in summer with jackets, I'm always cold (wimp! haha) so need something light to put on, I came across this in the reduced section, its a size 14 (I'm usually a size 6/8) and is baggy when worn, but I really like the style and it was only £5 :)

I've been on a bit of an ebay scour the past few weeks to try and grab some bargains, I came across these shoes, they're so pretty and not in  a bad condition either, they are originally from New Look and i paid 99p for them... wowsersss :D

Another tesco purchase (golly i sound like a saddo!!) was this bright red nail varnish. I'd been considering one for a while but wasn't too sure (I'm not going to lie that I did paint them and wake up the next morning & think i had a horrific cut, then all became clear...) I bought this to wear with a black dress & it really brightened the whole outfit up, I've never really been one for red nails, but i love this! And a bargain at £2.99 :) The colour is double decker red. (a post on nails to follow, i own an un-natural amount of nail varnishes!!) 

Just read this whole thing back and realised I sound like a riggghhhttt knock off Nigel! HA! I was deffo just lucky this week on the bargain fronts & didn't buy anything pricey (by bank balance is thank me...too kind!!). I'm off to Sally's beauty supplies tomorrow with my sister so a post on that to follow & also a nail post (all will become apparent when you see the amount of varnish i own!!)...But for now, quite a long one, hope i didn't bore you :)

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