Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nail Varnish Favourites

Sunday 21st August 2011

Well, two blog posts in two days, crickey!! Thought I best got on with showing you some of my favourite summer shades before the summer ship sails completely (not that it ever really left the port looking at the grey skies! Boooo!) As I've mentioned earlier my nail varnish collection is ever growing, I'm thinking of enforcing something similar to China's one child policy upon myself, one nail varnish purchase allowed a month? Pipe down Loula, you know its never going to happen!
Here are a few of my favourite polishes (this literally scratches the surface of my collection...ooopsie!), I seem to be attracted towards pastel shades and own nearly every variety under the sun! I wouldn't really say I had a favourite brand (them all...), but will give you a low down of the most common brands in my collection:

Nails Inc: I love love love the selection of shades they do within their collection, and my all time favourite shade, 'Brompton Place' is from them, yet i do have a niggle: The brushes are too thin, when painting acrylics a wide brush is optimum to avoid gloopy polish when you're trying to spread it and quite often its hard to get a neat finish. They are available from larger boots stores for £11 (10ml bottle).

Misa: This is probably my favourite brand, yet its very difficult to get hold of in the UK, the only place I've ever seen it sold in a shop is a warehouse in Manchester who's website you can view here (you'd think they were shipping from Hong Kong and round the world 3 times with the amount they charge for postage though!). The prices and quality are incredible, its around £7 a bottle (often cheaper) for a 15ml bottle, the selection of shades is amazing, and they're really long lasting.  No niggles, SHOCKER! i heart them!

OPI: I own only a few OPI polishes, they have hundreds of shades, but its rare any ever really take my fancy, I'm not really one for dark shades as they don't do my stumps any favours and OPI seem to favour dark shades such as 'Lincoln Park After Dark'. Having said this I love how smoothly they glide on and are the quickest drying of any brand in my opinion :)

BarryM: I love the colours they do and are a real bargain YET, they go gloopy so fast! You can salvage them with abit of acetone and a session in the fridge (my mum loves it when i fill her fridge with nail varnish.....) a few times but after that, that's them done and you often end up wasting so much of them, I've not bought one in ages, exactly for this reason!!

Rimmel: the I <3 Lasting Finish range of polishes is by far my favourite cheaper highstreet brand at £2.99 a bottle you can't complain! The polishes don't go gloopy easily and the colours are amazing, i'm truly in love with these polishes!

My all time favourite polishes:

Nails Inc- 'Brompton Place'
This is by far my all time favourite polish!
Misa also do a polish 'Poppy Dreams' which is a very similar colour but a little less bright! I love how pastelly (yes, its a word!!) it is yet still really bright, it looks lovely on tips as well as full nails! Namm namm namm.

Misa- 'Sandals, Flip Flops and HipHop'
This is a really bright coral shade, so perfect for summer! I don't actually own this polish, i get these done at the salon where i get my acrylics done, I'm having real issues getting hold of my own bottle, wahhhhh!

Nails Inc- 'Jermyn Street'
My favourite winter shade, this is about as dark as my stumpy stump fingers will allow! Its a gorgeous chocolatey purpley brown shade that almost looks like chocolate!

                                                              Katy Perry for OPI- 'Teenage Dream'As posted previously, I've only just purchased this polish, but is already one of my firm favourites, I love the different glitter shades and it dries so fast :) Yum, its like having diamonds on your nails, what more could you want?!
Well, I don't want to bore everyone to tears cooing over my 1000000001 nail varnishes (quite literally) so a quick low down of my favourites, hope you enjoyed and see you lovely lovely people soon! Much Love xxx

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