Saturday, 20 August 2011

This Weeks Purchasing Outcomes...

Saturday 20th August 2011

As pinky promised, with my exceedingly small pinkys, a post on my purchases from this week. To be honest, I've been putting off because I've been a bit of a hermit crab (stayed in, not walking sideways everywhere), I've been working so much trying to earn some money to go back to uni with so shopping has taken a back seat...wahhhhhhh! But all the same, I managed to get some in, hoorah! So here's the outcome:

I've been looking to buy some polishes from Katy Perry's Collection for OPI for manyyyyy a month now and finally got round to it this week, more nail varnishes i hear my mother cry?! Oooooh yes :)...

'Last Friday Night' is by far my favourite shade of the collection. The colours in the glitter are just gorgeous and shine every colour under different lights. The only niggle I have about the product is its not as highly pigmented as it may first look, therefore I did a base coat of the 2true 'shade 2' polish to ensure some pigmentation! I am literally in love with this polish all the same and cannot wait to try it out with other base colours, I think a navy blue base would make a gorgeous winter colour! Here's a link to the website I bought mine from
....But in true Loula style, one glittery blue nail varnish is just not enough hence the second purchase...
I love the lasting finish rimmel range of nail varnishes, they're really affordable at £2.99 a bottle and the colours are gorgeous! The overall effect is very similar to the Katy Perry polish (I've only painted my toes with it, over a base of the 2true colour, and would show you, but no-one wants to see my trotters), the effect is very similar, yet the glitter looks cheaper, I think its the silver in the Rimmel that does it, although having said this, I do really like it, its perfect for when I can't quite justify the use of OPI :) The shade is called 'Disco Ball'.

I mentioned at the end of my last post that I was going to pay Sally's Beauty Supplies a visit, and indeed I did! I have a serious addiction to nail varnish, I could give all of China one and still have some left over, nightmare!!! So when I left Sally's without anymore I almost had to take my own temperature to check I wasn't delirious! None of the colours just took my fancy, which was probably because I own half the stock anyway! But I did manage to pick up three other items! 
  • The first being the buffing block, I always have acrylic nails on and find when they are growing out and I come to paint them the gap where they have grown is really pronounced, sooo, I use a buffing block to buff (clues in the name!) the bottom of the acrylic so its smoother and the gap is less pronounced! A bargain at 69p too!
  • The second item I picked up the OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask, this was my first purchase of this product, I find my hair gets really dry which is not good when you're trying to grow it, I always use a mask but swap every few months to ensure my hair doesn't get used to one product. The packet suggests you leave the mask for 7-10mins on wet hair depending on damage then wash off. I have left for 10mins on both uses and my hair has been really soft and felt nourished after both uses, I will definitely be re purchasing :)  The tub was £2.49, its a very thick consistency and quite a good size that will last a while!
  • The third item was acetone, its a necessity with acrylic nails, the salon charges £5 to remove your nails and i refuse to pay this, this bottle was £1.50 and means i can soak my own nails off before i let them loose, perfect! Acetone also makes a really quick varnish remover on natural nails, its much stronger than your average polish remover :)

    The final thing i bought this week was the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facial Scrub which was £2.50. Recently i've been feeling like my skin is never really fully clean, I'v had loads of tiny little bumps, mainly across my forehead and its been driving me mad, i look like a blinking kids ball pool! So i decided i needed a scrub to try and clear it up, nothing would stop me in ASDA, i was determined!! It smells lovely and the bursting beads give a gentle yet good exfoliation leaving my skin super soft, RESULT! I'm really liking this so far, will give an update when I've used it abit more!

    Well, that's all my purchases for this week, I've had a very beauty and nail orientated buying week (I make it sound like a rarity, crikey woman, get a grip with the nail varnishes)!! Off shopping with my sister on Monday though (after taking the dog for a haircut!) so hopefully have some clothes for you next week, lucky things ;) 
    Chop Choppity Chop!

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