Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday Wishlist

1. Topshop Puff Print Aztec Skull Print Vest    2. H&M Citrus Passion Body Splash    3. Topshop Pink Grey Structured Blazer 4. The Body Shop Love Etc... Solid Perfume    5. Missguided Cross Print Leggings    6. ASOS Exclusive Nail Rock Wraps: Toonland    7. The Body Shop Beautifying Oil: Mango    8. NYX Round Lipstick: Circe    9. River Island Sunflower Headband    10. H&M Blazer: Navy Blue

Ooooohhh be mine all you lovely lovely items :) Fallen in love with The Body Shop Love Etc... range after getting the Body Puree (review coming soon!) from last weeks wishlist, soo summery and yummmy! Gas anyone tried the new Body Shop Beautifying Oils? Reading mixed reviews? Apparently they're a good hair moisturiser, rinse me up! Hope everyone's well and enjoying the beautiful weather, pop the St. Moriz away for a while :)
Loula x


  1. loving the leggings and headband, following you back hunni :) xx

    1. Thank you! The leggings sold out before they could be mine, sad times! xxx


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