Saturday, 10 March 2012

Primark Nourish and Moisturise Lipbalm

Dry lips drive me mad, got myself in a bit of a pickle with the whole situation now too, as the more you use lipbalm, the more your lips depend on it and then get chapped more...nightmare! However there is hope! Recently I learnt that paraffin and petroleum in lipbalms are the key ingredients which are highly moisturising short term but leave lips highly dependant, so my search for lipbalm not containing either begun! I literally searched high and low to no avail, till good old Primark shone through!! I picked up these lipbalms that are peppermint flavour, petroleum and paraffin free and 2 for 50p, what a bargain! They are seriously by far the best lipbalm I have ever used, I've stocked up incase they stop selling them! They are a lovely texture., highly moisturising and don't make your lips dependant! Don't know what I did without them now, I have them everywhere, my housemates keep complaining they're everywhere! I'd recommend everyone to go and buy some, you'll never regret it :)
Loula x
P.s. Primark's 'lipsmackers' range is parrafin and petroleum free too :)

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