Friday, 24 February 2012

Highstreet Lipsticks.

Hello there everyone :) Taking a well deserved dissertation style break to show you my favourite highstreet lipsticks. I'm a sucker for MAC lipsticks but at £13.50 (cripess) a pop they're reserved for special occasions so instead back to the high street we go! I was strictly a nude lipstick kind of girl until recently when I've really bonded with brighter colours, who would have thought it eh?!...
 Barry M 101 : a whiteish nude, lovely for summer though :)

 (Apologies for cracked lips! arghhh) Body Collection- Poison: a deep purple, a bit of a lip stainer for a day after though...

Miss Sporty- Striptease: a slightly shimmery nude

Barry M- 52 : a bit daring but lovely with an all black outfit :)

 Revlon Deluxe Creme Lipcolour- 01 Poppy: a lovelyyy classic red

 MUA- Shade 1: really moisturising and stays well all for £1, holy moly!

 ELF Minerals- Natural Nymph: my favourite nude ever besides GOSH- Darling and MAC- Myth, its really drying though, saddens me, SOB.

All my love,
Loula x

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  1. I love the Barry M pink I have one almost exactly like it from Collection 2000 in Pink Shock


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