Monday, 7 November 2011

17 Hide and Chic Concealer

Two posts in one day? Holy mackerel... I've got a lot of lost time to make up for (could make another tragic joke here, i'll spare you all), spoiling you, too kind i know ;) As a poor student i felt it was only right to visit the freshers fair to bag some free pizza and other rubbish, besides leaving behind being a fresher over 2 years ago, muahahahahaa! And it has to be said they did give me some goodies, amongst the chocolate orange squares bar which hardly made it through my front door was a 17 (boots brand) Hide and Chic Eye Brightening Concealer in Light Beige. I was a little bit over excited by this, i'm growing to like 17 ever more, they step up to every season and trend as it comes and they're products are good quality for what you pay. I'm not a big concealer person, only when things are bad i.e. sleep deprivation, but I've given it a whirl all the same...

The applicator is brush style, where you turn the end to dispense product.

The consistency is a smooth lightweight formula, very different to my MAC Studio Finish Concealer i usually use, which is rather thick to say the least. The product has a slight glitter finish to it (i think this is supposedly the 'brightening' bit, gold star for Loula!!). Its maybe a shade too light for me, yet when i went into Boots to check out the selection of shades, the only do 3, this one and a light and darker pinky under toned tone being the other two, so all in all, i'd probably still have gone for this little puppy! It is a nice everyday eye concealer, due its shimmer finish its difficult to use elsewhere on the face without the explosion in a glitter factory look, yet its coverage is light-medium and long lasting, managing to cover even my dark circles (albeit with a little effort). One niggle, how on earth do you know how much is left? I like to be able to see when a product is running out so I'm not going to be left in a disaster zone looking like a zombie (everyones have look!). But...all in all its a good eye concealer with a nice finish if you're looking for something with lighter coverage and for £4.99 i don't think its priced too bad either :) 

Seeeeee i told you we were getting back to make-up ;)
All my love
Loula x

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